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Great Company Makes Great Team
Our Services are provided by a highly trained professional Engineer Team.
P.M. Valve & Sealing Services Co. , Ltd.  Is 100 % Thai company  We are authorized distributors in Thailand and Malaysia  and petrochemical testing tools and equipment in Italy. We are also a master distributor of Sealweld Corporation in Canada.
One - Stop Ahead Valve
P.M. Valve and Sealing Services Co.Ltd. offers an On-Site Valve Servicing as well as Off-site Repairs. We also offer Engineer Staff Service either on the customer's own site or at our workshops. We are 100% Thai company. Our team members are professionals and Compliant in this field.

Our commitment is to give grate service and repair all types of valves for the petrochemical industry and power plants. Our goal is to assist and support potential operators mainly in Thailand and neighboring countries. Our date of incorporation  2nd April 2003 and our Registered Capital 5,000,000 Baht, Head office located at 340/1 Sukhumvit rd, Hauypong Maung Rayong 21150 Thailand

Scope of services
Overhaul & Calibrated Safety Valve , Relief Valve , Pilot Valve , Breather Valve Following API527  Overhaul & Pressure Test Ball Valve , Gate Valve , Globe Valve , Butterfly Valve , Control Valve  Off-Shore / On-Shore Overhaul all valve  Stop leak Emergency Valve leaking , hot tapping

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