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D-14 is designed for testing of all tyoes of spring operated Pressure Safety Valves in their operational pipeline position without plant shut-down

Machine Configuration Chart
-      Spool travelling mechanism
-      Control Unit
-      Remote Control
-      Pressure Sensors
-      Force Sensors
-      Extension Cables
-      Accessory Kit
Tested Products
-      Spring-loaded safety valves with manual override device
-      Essential when working with flangeless valves (allows testing of spring operated safety valve directly on their operational pipeline position without plant shut-down).
-      High accuracy of test results due to use of four interchangeable pressure sensors with accuracy class of 0.25% (with range of 16, 40, 100 and 250 Bar) as well as two interchangeable force sensors with class of accuracy 0.03% (with ranges of 0.2 and 2.0 ton).
-      Small device weight makes it comfortable to work in remote places.
-      Does not require connection to any source of energy during testing.
-      Universal mounting bracket simplify installation of the unit.
Allow testing of Pressure Valves on the pipeline under pressure and without it.




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