Equa-Lube Eighty

รหัสสินค้า:  A007
N.W. 15 Ounce / ขนาด 15 Ounce
สี :
ขนาด :
จำนวนที่สั่งซื้อ :

Sealweld Equa-Lube Eighty provides an insoluble film of lubricant to protect critical seal faces and reduce torque requirements. Extend valve service life by injecting Sealweld Equa-Lube Eighty immediately after the hydrostatic test at the valve factory or repair facility. This will purge all test water the seat pockets corrosion commonly occurs. Protects against damage pipeline contaminants, such as dirt, sand, line scale and welding slag at start-up. Insoluble in water, crude oil, natural gas, condensate and related by-products. 

Recommended for use in new valves, wellhead valves, at refineries, pump and compressor stations and in gas distribution systems.




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