Inner-Check Fittings

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BEFORE commissioning a new valve it is important to make sure it contains a top-quality internal check valve. When ordering a new valve, specify to the manufacturer that you want Sealweld® Flow Wolf® Internal Check Valves to ensure years of safe service.

These valves are ONLY manufactured stainless steel and all include the patented Flow Wolf® threaded-cage to ensure that the ball check is NOT accidentally injected into the valve when pumping heavy valve sealant.

A working check valve is CRITICAL in ensuring valves can be serviced under pressure safely. Internal check valves will remain in place for years and must stand up to direct contact with corrosive environments. In addition, it is much more difficult to remove an internal check valve than a standard fitting, this is especially true when the internal check valve is corroded.

Sealweld® Flow Wolf® Internal Check Valves have been granted a Certificate of Authorization issued by ABSA (Alberta Boilers Safety Association) and assigned the following Canadian Registration Number: CRN 0C07140.2




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